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Ahmed Sallam

Ahmed Sallam

Senior Partner

Ahmed Sallam, comes to private practice with extensive experience in commercial and economic litigation at Economic Courts. He has served as a judge for over 20 years. In 2019 until present he was appointed as The Judge of Appeal, Cairo Economic Court in Egypt, having efficacious jurisdiction over countless cases related to Economic & Commercial Matters comprising Intellectual Property rights, Capital Markets, Banking, Communication, Competition additionally to Law of Entrepreneurs, Money Laundering, Maritime, etc..

Before joining the Economic Courts, Ahmed served as Head of a First instance Court from 2008-2012. having efficacious jurisdiction over countless cases related to Labor, Social insurance and Civil laws, after serving as a public prosecutor in the office of the prosecutor general of Egypt for seven years.

Ahmed’s versatile career has also surpassed in international arbitration as he is a Certified International Arbitrator at The Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration. He served as Sole Arbitrator and Party Appointed Arbitrator in various arbitral cases.

Ahmed holds Law and Police Science degree from the Police Academy in Egypt. He earned his Master of laws from Alexandria University. He received Diplomas in Private Law and in International Arbitration Law, from Alexandria University.