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Egypt’s Competition Authority Approves Cement Production Capacities Cuts


Alliance Law Firm (ALF) is honored to represent the whole Cement Industry in Egypt, in obtaining the remarkable and precedential exemption decision from the prohibition of the Egyptian Competition Law. The Egyptian Competition Authority (ECA) has issued the decision no 56 of 2021 to approve the exemption allowing 23 Cement Producers to set cut production capacities. The decision will take effect on 15 July and extend for one year. This decision shall significantly treat the imbalance between the supply and demand in the cement market, highly improve the economic efficiency, will maintain diversity present in the market and shall ensure the continuity of the effective competition. It shall also shield the Cement Companies from fatal financial losses that would have led to the stoppage of many cement companies’ production.

ALF has led the legal analysis and negotiations before ECA on behalf of the Cement Producers. ALF team was led by Dr. Ashraf Abou Elkheir – Managing Partner and Dina Khattab – Associate.

Source: Reuters.