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Benya Capital – Biggest Regional Disruptor For Digital Transformation


For decades, technology companies have been leading the way of challenging the status quo. Now more than ever, governments and private entities have been forced, and rightfully so, to rethink how they function, and how to make use of the technology and processes to improve performance, efficiency and increase productivity and value.

The Egyptian Government acknowledged the need to adapt to the new realities and ensure that the infrastructure is available to ensure the growth of the economy in that direction. The Government has taken many actions to provide the appropriate legal and regulatory framework for such transformation.

Every so often, a company rises as a market disruptor, offering innovative means of running businesses, creating new value propositions to end users, and seeking to make an impact on society as a whole.

We are proud to be Benya Capital’s legal partner, an Egyptian homegrown technology leader, on their path to being the biggest regional disruptor for digital transformation. In fact, we believe their leadership and calibers are inevitably bound to place the company on the map for global digitalization.

Source: Akhbar El Youm